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We offer value added services underpinned by our SaaS technology and Apps to accelerate clinical trial outcomes for the sake of patients.

Our data-driven solutions aim to improve all stages of clinical trials, under strict scientific rigour and in compliance with the regulatory framework.


Our technology offers intelligent solutions to capture data from all stages and agents involved in the clinical trial process.


Our data lake stores all the information captured from multiple sources and transforms data into powerful dashboards for decision making.

Services & Solutions

Trial Design

A dashboard that provides comprehensive information to support the trial design process with structured data: from geographical heatmaps to associated risk maps and recommendations.

Trial Launch

This solution offers a preselected and prioritised list of sites, vendors and KOLs that will allow to successfully run the clinical trial – based on objective criteria, subjective reviews, as well as the inclusion of specific criteria.

Trial Enrollment

Optimise your clinical trial recruitment strategy:
MatchTrial: We accelerate the inclusion of patients in clinical trial through the MatchTrial application.
Trial Patient Experience: real-time monitoring of clinical trial patient.
CTMS: a unique platform for planning, tracking and optimising clinical trial costs as well as a document repository.
Patient Data Intelligence: Controll the scientific quality of study data.

Trial Feedback

A dashboard that provides unique data to analyse the clinical trial performance at a single level as well as in comparison with other clinical trials.
Our leadership

Maria Campos, MPharm


Antonio Llombart, MD, PhD


Javier Cortés, MD, PhD


Jordi Guitart, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Cristina Masferrer, MPharm

Chief Operating Officer

Sergi Hernando, MSc

Chief Technology Officer
Our Story

What makes Science4Tech unique is the ambition to contribute to scientific research enabled by smart digital solutions to accelerate the drug-development journey.

Our founders have been at it since 2012, when they founded Medica Scientia Innovation Research (Medsir), S.L., where they were entirely devoted to professionalizing independent clinical research in oncology. Medsir started as a company that encouraged researchers in breast and gynecological cancer to turn their brilliant research ideas into full clinical trials.

Inspired by the challenges and the opportunities to improve the traditional approach to clinical research, Science4Tech was founded in May 2019 as a spin-out company of Medsir. Shortly after, in September 2019, the company developed its first technological product prototype: the MatchTrial App – a solution that uses a smart algorithm to deliver the best matching between oncology patients and currently active clinical trials. In January 2021, MatchTrial was successfully launched for Android and iOs. 

Driven by collaboration and the pursue of innovation, since February 2021, Science4Tech is developing its own ecosystem of different software components to have an impact through the entire clinical trial process, from design and site selection to start-up and execution, now available in a multi-tenant SaaS platform.

In April 2022, Science4Tech has raised 2M€ in its first funding round to continue helping shape the transformation of R&D with our pioneering suite of products and services by enabling pharmaceuticals and biotech companies with tools to improve their decision-making.

Our Mission

Science4Tech’s mission is to facilitate access to multiple innovations enabled by technology to improve the quality, rigour and a reliable clinical research based on the scientific method, supporting pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the acceleration of drug development to bring much-needed therapies to patients sooner.

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