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Faster Therapies

Unleashing the power of data & AI to transform Clinical Trials

Data Reliability and Traceability

Make informed decisions throughout the trial lifecycle with reliable, traceable and interoperable data from our powerful solutions and our flexible API.

Knowledge Predictive and Generative Models

Use the power of AI to assess the performance of your trial in real-time and obtain valuable insights to bring therapies to patients sooner.

Compliance Regulation
and Control

Safeguard patient privacy and prevent data breaches. Our technology is meticulously developed with robust data governance at its core.

Are there any patterns affecting patient dropout rates?

Patients from a particular demographic group are showing higher dropout rates.

Please prepare a list of sites presenting this pattern.

Clinical Data
Public Data
Real World Data
Management Data
Financial Data
Predictive insights
AI-enhanced discovery
Real-time learning
Good Clinical Practices
Security and Compliance

AI-Enhanced discovery

Unlock profound insights, discovering hidden correlations to causal effects. Our solutions combine public data with your clinical and management data, elevating efficiency in your clinical trials.

Real-time adaptive clinical trials

In the vast realm of unstructured, human-generated data lies invaluable information. Employing advanced natural language processing, including Generative AI, we skillfully interpret and structure this data. The result? Enriched datasets for unparalleled accuracy in your outcomes.

Predictive insights

We harness the time-evolution of your study variables to craft predictive models. These models not only alert you to deviations caused by internal or external factors but also offer actionable insights, guiding you towards optimal adjustments for a streamlined clinical trial process.

Quality, Security & Compliance

We adhere to the principles of Quality by Design, Data Integrity by Design, and Security by Design, aligning with globally recognized standards and guidelines such as ISPE-GAMP, ISO, NIST, and SOC in all our developmental endeavors.

Good Clinical Practice (GCP)

The paramount focus of our commitment lies in upholding the rights, safety, and well-being of patients in clinical studies, alongside ensuring the credibility of acquired data. We meticulously adhere to provider requirements outlined in Good Clinical Practices (ICH, FDA, EMA) and prioritize personal data privacy compliance (GDPR, HIPAA).

About us


Born from a rich legacy of leading visionaries in oncology, Science4Tech’s journey is a testament to their relentless pursuit of innovation in clinical research.

Steeped in a profound understanding of the field, we identified gaps and inefficiencies that begged for transformative solutions.


Science4Tech is a catalyst for change in clinical research.

We leverage technology and artificial intelligence to accelerate research and the development of new treatments.

The Transition

Fuelled by a commitment to advancing healthcare, Science4Tech emerged as the answer – a dynamic spin-off company poised at the intersection of cutting-edge technology and clinical excellence.

Our roots in oncology research provide us with a unique vantage point, allowing us to pinpoint challenges and redefine possibilities.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to advancing access to numerous technological innovations, elevating the quality, rigor, and reliability of clinical research rooted in the scientific method.

Our commitment is to be instrumental in accelerating drug development, supporting pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to bring therapies to patients swiftly and efficiently.

Recognizing the lack of efficiency in clinical trials, we decided to take a bold turn.

We’re eager to shape the future of digital clinical trials.

The Opportunity

In the ever-evolving landscape of clinical trials, we saw an opportunity to revolutionize the approach.

With a vision to optimize and accelerate the drug development process, we harnessed the power of data and artificial intelligence.

Our Purpose

We aspire to be catalysts of scientific knowledge, harnessing the transformative capabilities of technology and AI to propel clinical research advancements for the greater benefit of all.

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