The right solution for each stage

1Market Unmet Need 2Study Draft 3Protocol Writing 4Regulatory Stage 5Site Selection & Opening 6Recruiting Period 7Intermediate Analytics Stage 8Last Patient In 9Follow-up Stage 10DB Cleaning & Closing 11Closing of Sites 12Final Analytics 13Final Report 14Publication of Outcomes
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  • Efficiently capture, structure and contextualize information from electronic health records (EHRs) to get faster insights and adapt your clinical trial in real-time.
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  • Harness the power of technology to achieve unmatched precision in selecting optimal sites for your clinical trial.
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  • Boost your clinical trial success rate and increase the stakeholders’ productivity.
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  • Expedite the identification and enrollment of eligible patients through a pacient-centric solution with a smart algorithm that matches patients’ diagnosis with available clinical trials in oncology.
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  • Enhance the understanding of patient experiences and leverage that knowledge to optimize your clinical trial design.
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  • Seamlessly integrate diverse data points and leverage the power of AI to experience accelerated timelines, enhanced safety, and make data-driven decisions for optimal outcomes.

Case Studies

Our track record

  • Ensuring a highly qualified patient pool

    Our MatchTrial app played a pivotal role in helping our pharmaceutical client achieve the recruitment of patients for a clinical trial targeting solid tumors with hepatic impairment. The recruitment was finished 5 months ahead of schedule. The app's innovative matching algorithm and targeted outreach, efficiently paired eligible patients with the clinical trial, saving the client significant time and resources in the recruitment process, and leading to a screening failure below 5% at the recruitment site.

  • Real-time fulfillment of eCRF using generative AI

    Our CapTrial solution revolutionized clinical trial data management by automating the process of extracting and transforming data from hospital EHR systems into the sponsor's eCRF. Utilizing NLP, ML, and DeepL, our technology significantly enhanced data precision and reliability, reducing the manual burden associated with traditional data transfer methods while maintaining traceability and explainability to ensure compliance with GCP guidelines.

  • Designing the PALMIRA trial

    When designing the PALMIRA trial, our client chose our NexTrial solution (formerly Conan) to validate their initial site pre-selection across EU Big 5 countries. NexTrial anticipated overall successful recruitment rates, with Spain contributing 55% of recruiting sites. 

  • PHERGain, a complex multi-site trial

    A complex international multi-site trial, such as PHERGain, used ParTrial to successfully address the challenge posed by the participation of 56 sites and 7 countries, in a study with a screening process where the results of critical tests, such as centralized confirmation of HER2 status and centralized review of 18F-FDG PET/CT, had to be delivered within very limited timeframes and managed by many different teams.