MatchTrial© lands in France

matchtrial in france

With the internationalization of MatchTrial© services, Science4Tech has taken a big stride ahead. The app, which uses a combination of intelligent algorithms and the know-how of a team of specialized oncologists to accelerate the search for clinical trials, has set foot in France by adding to its database the almost 800 interventional studies carried out in circa 300 hospitals of the country, with the aim of bringing treatment alternatives to cancer patients in France.

France has the second-highest number of clinical trials in the world. More than 40% of these are in oncology, a field in which France ranks third in the world, after only the United States and China. This is why France is the first country in Europe where Science4Tech has set its eyes to internationalize its services.

The clinical trials carried out in France are added to the more than 800 studies conducted in Spain that MatchTrial© has centralized since its start in 2021 to provide medical professionals and patients with the opportunity to identify new treatments.

The internationalization of services as well as the MatchTrial© functionality improvement presented during the month of March 2023 point to the Science4Tech app as the leading tool for accelerating the search for clinical trials.

“Providing MatchTrial© in France for all cancer patients, their families, friends, and oncologists, allows us to reach a considerable level of maturity in the search and matching of clinical trials for each patient in a country where the empowerment of citizens is remarkable”, says Jordi Guitart, CEO of Science4Tech.

“Likewise, the data collected by MatchTrial© in Spain and France will allow us to adjust our artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and enrich knowledge about the common needs of cancer patients, so that we can guide clinical trial sponsors on new and elementary criteria to be considered when designing a new trial. For example, in the selection of hospitals and research centers according to criteria always focused on the patient”, adds Guitart.


In turn, this fine-tuning of the algorithms and the gained experience will provide the impetus for Science4Tech, which has been designated as an innovative SME by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, to approach two other titans of the sector, the United States and China, in 2024 and 2025, respectively. The ultimate goal is optimizing clinical trials on an international scale to go ahead together in the battle against cancer.