Science4Tech Tackles Oncology Innovation at Unicancer’s Meet2Win

Science4Tech joins Unicancer's Meet2Win

Science4Tech is proud to announce its participation in Meet2Win 2024, the premier partnering convention dedicated to oncology innovation, taking place on May 16th and 17th in Bordeaux, France. Organized by Unicancer, this renowned event brings together industry leaders, researchers, and innovators to explore the latest advancements in cancer care. 

Unicancer is the only French hospital network entirely focused on cancer care. This unique organization, comprised of 18 specialized cancer centers and affiliated institutions, is a powerhouse for treatment, patient support, and scientific research. Unicancer’s dedication to innovation aligns perfectly with Science4Tech’s mission to leverage technology for better healthcare outcomes.  

Unicancer actively fosters collaboration and knowledge-sharing through initiatives like Meet2Win.

At this year’s convention, Science4Tech will be showcasing its innovative solutions designed to revolutionize clinical data management within the oncology field. Our team, led by Jordi Guitart, Chief Executive Officer, and Joris Brenninkmeijer, Sales Entreprise Executive, will be presenting a workshop titled “From Data Chaos to Cure: Leveraging AI in the Oncology Practice”. This interactive session will delve into how our flagship products, CapTrial© and MatchTrial©, empower healthcare professionals to unlock the true potential of their clinical data. 

Here is a glimpse into what attendees can expect: 

  • Unveiling Hidden Insights: We will explore how GenAI (Generative AI) powered CapTrial© seamlessly structures and contextualizes information from the vast amount of data housed within Electronic Health Records (EHRs). This ensures standardized, accurate information ready for comprehensive analysis that can illuminate treatment trends, identify potential risk factors, and ultimately lead to improved patient care strategies. 
  • Seamless Trial Matching: Harnessing advanced AI algorithms, MatchTrial© streamlines the process of matching patients with suitable clinical trials. This ensures patients have access to the latest treatment options while simultaneously facilitating efficient recruitment for crucial research studies.  
  • Data-Driven Innovation: We will discuss how a robust data infrastructure, facilitated by Science4Tech’s solutions, fuels groundbreaking research and development efforts within oncology. This translates to a faster pace of innovation, ultimately leading to better treatment options and improved patient outcomes. 

We invite you to join Science4Tech at Meet2Win and explore how our technological solutions can empower you to transform the fight against cancer.  

Visit our booth to learn more about CapTrial©, MatchTrial©, and how we can help you unlock the power of your clinical data for a healthier future.